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Dave Anderson photographing Leconte's Thrashers
Dave Anderson photographing Leconte's Thrashers

I grew up in New England where I developed a keen interest in watching birds and other wildlife. I attended the University of Maine and received a BS in wildlife biology. Afterwards, I participated in a variety of environmental research projects studying everything from songbird nesting habits to global warming.


In 1992, I transitioned into adventure guiding, leading whitewater rafting and natural history trips in Alaska. Later I began instructing for NOLS, leading mountaineering, rock climbing and wilderness trekking courses.


Exploring wild places became a focus of my life and I have organized expeditions in fifteen different countries on four continents. I have completed challenging mountains climbs around the world from Patagonia to the Himalaya.


In addition, I have worked as a professional photographer, filmmaker and writer for the past eighteen years. My work has appeared in various media outlets including National Geographic, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Climbing Magazine, Rock and Ice, Alpinist, The American Alpine Journal, Patagonia.


In 2010, my wife and I began our own international adventure travel business leading clients on custom treks around the world. While I have worked seasonally in the Las Vegas area since 1993, in 2019 we decided to move here permanently. Our main desire was to travel less internationally and guide more locally here in Southern NV.


The Covid pandemic made international travel impossible and I took advantage of the time to develop my bird photography. Southern Nevada is an incredible place to bird and take pictures of birds (I have seen and photographed 26 species of shorebirds in the Las Vegas region, who would have thought!)


I also became a certified Nevada Naturalist through the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Dept. I am an active member, guide and media contributor with Red Rock Audubon.


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Below is a video about how birding shaped my life.